Welcome Interweave Readers.
I am very excited the summer issue is now available.  I am going to offer some great ideas for incorporating the greek key design into other fabulous pieces. To the left is the design used as a border on an afghan. 

Shown to the right is the original backpack I submitted. I had so much fun with this design, it was really hard to keep it a secret until the magazine came out. I am always designing something. Keep your eyes peeled for future designs, or you can always visit my website for inspiration.  If you want to purchase a pattern, please visit my etsy site, www.etsy.com/shop/icrochetthereforeiam or go the the pattern store on my home page.
As you may already know the "key" design is worked in a multiple of 16 stitches, when I designed the Laptop case to your right, I worked in horizontal rows so the "key" would be seen on both the front and back of the case.
Then I started getting more creative and designed the hat and fingerless glove set. Instead of using multiples of 16 and 2 rows I used single rows with a multiple of 8. worked in continuous rounds. The "key" design is placed on the cuff on the gloves.

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